In 2007 Tyrone arranged a classical version of Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars'. 

He recorded it February 2008 for his album'Amato'.

Later that year he learned his version had been plagiarised and broadcast on BBC national TV before he had time to release 'Amato'.

A group called Blake had used Tyrones voice and studio recording to copy from. In the Television interview they claimed they had arranged this song version and thereafter a clip from their promotional video was shown. Soon after that initial broad cast the interview was edited, leaving out their statement.

They continued to travel the world singing the song.


Here is a clip of Tyrone singing those very first and original arrangements taken from his studio recording singing 'Chasing Cars'.

Tyrones songs have charted in many Countries around the world including at No 2 in South Africa, No 11 in Austria and No 27 Japan.

He appeared on BBC The Voice. but they never televised his performance.  Can you guess why?


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