Private, commercial and public-sector clients already trust our expertise in design detailing and construction management. A selection of testimonials is listed here:

A selection of excerpts from letters and emails received from clients.



We consulted Mr Piper at TCHI over which one of two houses was the best buy for our retirement home in West Devon. He had been recommended by friends (delighted with his services involving a barn conversion) and he cast an appraising eye over both properties. On his advice, we decided that the changes we wanted to make to the first house would have been prohibitively expensive. However, his feedback on the second house was far more positive and gave us the confidence to purchase it. He strongly recommended as a priority that we had remedial work carried out to the roof, walls, guttering and drainage and his indications were that it would be within our budget. We went ahead, did as advised and were not disappointed. A few months on, we are delighted with our smart ‘new look’ home. Thank goodness we took Mr Piper’s advice as, having experienced the wettest year on record, it has remained leak free.

Chris and Juliette, of Bere Ferrers.



Hope Cottage.  " We have all been very impressed with the standard of your work and the helpful way in which you have enabled us to go about the day by day business of church. We have been truly blessed to find such a wonderful firm and the Church would like to give you two small gifts to show our appreciation."  

Mrs Hilary Boot-Handford. (Treasurer)

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