The climate is changing.


 We have all seen the news and the effects of increased rainfall with severe flooding throughout the country. Often unseen is the long term damage the increased rainfall has caused to many properties.

The climate is changing and bringing with it an ever greater need to be more vigilant to the condition of our dwellings.

Unfortunately, long term damage is often the result of delayed action, where early indications may have been overlooked. 

It is very common for home owners not to take action until internal decor has discoloured, by which time unseen structural long term damage has occured. 

This is true for both old and new properties.  

A new building should be scrutinised no less than an older building, where its envelope must be maintained to a higher degree.


Modern materials used in todays buildings, work well provided they stay dry. A prime example of this is composit floor joists. Once wet their strength deminishes rapidly and if the moisture problem is not solved promptly, structural failure and collapse within the joists is inevitable.

Whether our climate is suitable for these types of material only time will tell, but the facts remain, that a large number of developments have been constructed using these materials.

Unless these building are kept in tip top condition, real, unnecessary problems will occur in the not too distant future. 


It should also be noted (for safety reasons) where damage is severe the property would need to be vacated while work is carried out.