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Proven track record

We have a 100% customer satisfaction


Our team have many years’ experience in all aspects of the construction industry: from design to supplementary services and construction-deficiency management upon completion.
Whether you are living in an old or new property, extending or renovating an existing building, we provide comprehensive, professional service to our clients alike. For this reason, we operate throughout the private, public and commercial sectors.


Above photo. T.C.H.I receiving an award.

Awards are fundamentally achieved through client satisfaction.

Why use our service?                              We provide an  independent Architectural service, advice and recommendations with no conflict of interest at a very competitive price.

TCHI Devon Limited provides

  • Plans for Planning/Building regulation application
  • A consultancy service to identify the problems of building performance, moisture intrusion and constructional defect.
  • personalised and practical solutions based on defined project characteristics, backed by pictorial reference and where necessary detailed diagrams.
  • Inspection of repair work.

Proven track record

Our previous projects inclusive of Planning, Building regulations and consultancy have received numerous testimonials from satisfied customers and in 2007 we were awarded a Certificate of Merit Category 5 - Commercial by the organisation The Federation of Master Builders

Self Build Projects


To enable the Self Build to meet increasingly complex technical installations or to assist in traditional build methods, TCHI offer a full and personalised service covering everything from design, to construction supervision.


In todays market most of the drawings are created in CAD (computor aided design). These drawings are usually very basic with very little detail. Detail is very important, especially to the self build.

Local Authority Building controls will not refuse plans because they omit detail, but they will expect, all details to be supplied at some stage of the build.

Unless you've agreed a complete package from the supplier of your plans, you will end up paying considerably more and in some cases, thousands to have those details supplied.

Independent and good sound building advice from TCHI could save you on any unnecessary work and with the ever growing cost of labour and material we believe independent advice makes good sense.